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Discussion in 'GunZ 2 News' started by weiry6922, Mar 10, 2014.

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    New Game Mode: Gladiator

    Today I'd like to announce a new upcoming game feature. We know that many players want to come back of Gladiator game mode for GunZ 2: The Second Duel.


    For this game mode, the new game map will be also introduced - Colosseum. The map is much simliar to the old 'Battle Arena', but 'Colosseum' is smaller in size and there are some hazardous gimmicks instead.

    Please note that development of these new features is still in progress. We will start testing them within the next few days, then we will release the game mode & map soon.

    New Character

    Needless to say, we are currently developing a new character class. But we can't share the details just yet, 'HE' will use a brand new type of melee weapon and new strategic tactics along with it.

    I look forward to introducing the new character in April.

    Thank you so much.
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Discussion in 'GunZ 2 News' started by weiry6922, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. Render
  2. Sociopath
    WAAAAAAAYYNNEEEE!!!! We'll finally be together... Forever...

    Even better, my birthday is in April.
    Ilu Wayne.

    I wonder how much smaller the collosium is gonna be. None of the visible "gates" are open in that screenshot.
    Edit: Actually, since that looks like the entire one side of the map, I don't think there will be only one open gate.
  3. Rukio
    Looks like Ivans going to start collecting dust.

    Also, on the note of birthdays. Mine is in 5 days.
  4. Ryou
    Oh sh*t, one thing I've noticed is those flames. I take it they appear randomly and deal damage to everyone? That's pretty sick. It reminds me of pits in the old Battle Arena, but not that punishing.
  5. Rikdawg
    mines in 7, im turning 21 hbu?
  6. LGHyourinmaru

    You don't have to keep things secret. I already released a huge amount of information concerning all hidden stuff already in development.

    First hidden character:
  7. Ryou
  8. LGHyourinmaru
    EU sees nothing of that. So it's "new" for us if you dont lurk the 10k topics on Steam.
  9. Rukio
  10. Ryzza
    hory sh*t its coming
  11. weiry6922
    It's coming with todays maintenance!
  12. Rukio
    If you aren't lying to me. I'll be streaming it asap. Just give me a time.
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  13. Render
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